A chance discovery of a young woman’s body deep in the Washington rainforest immediately produces more questions than answers among the local law enforcement detectives as they dig into the homicide’s investigation. After noting the unique way that the woman was tortured and suffocated, local and federal investigators stumble onto a killing spree spanning across the globe that is almost two decades in the making, uncovering a remorseless serial killer dubbed Butcher Bill. A sadist who tortures his victims before sacrificing them to a bloodthirsty deity that demands retribution, Butcher Bill may be the cruelest and most insane killer the authorities have every come across who manages to thwart their efforts to ensnare him at almost every turn. As women and men continue to disappear, the police officers finally discover that a Roman Catholic Priest has been acting as the serial killer’s confessor, and has been waging a solitary and pacific battle with the madman to end the senseless brutality. This chilling tale takes the reader along a twisted path that a combined law enforcement task force must unravel that eventually leads the joint team of police detectives, forensic specialists, FBI agents, and US Navy SEALs to finally halt Butcher Bill’s decades long rampage spanning four continents.  
Butcher’s Bill is a thrilling crime novel that pits two religiously pious men against each other in a war between the holy and the unholy. In this gripping psychological exploration of two victims of childhood trauma, the gripping struggle of priest versus madman embodies the most basic of human fights—the fight of good to triumph over evil. Join author Eric Herbert for this enthralling saga of faith, insanity, and the rescue of a community from the clutches of the criminal mind.  

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